College and Career





Families and students looking to prepare for college can use the following links to learn more about entry exams, applications, financial aid, and scholarships.

Please visit the website of colleges and universities you are applying for specific information about admissions requirements and scholarships.


College Now:
  • College Now Programs
  • BMCC College Now Courses
    • See Ms. Diller in Room 459 to sign up for the Fall and Spring Semesters
  • HSHM College Now
    • Event Planning with Mr. Berning
    • English with Mr. Corkill
College Visits:
Applying to College:
Financial Aid:



Families and students deciding to choose a career immediately after high school can speak with our guidance staff.

Families and students can also meet with the following faculty for additional information:

Culinary - Mr. Brickel
Hospitality - Mr. Berning
Arts / Technology - Ms. Bordiuk/Mr. Lingard

Self Assessment: Interest Inventories

Career Exploring Program:

See Ms. Benavides in Room 311 for specific program details
Job Readiness Workshop:
  • Fall and Spring
    • Resume Building
    • Mock Interviews
    • 10th graders, see Mr. Berning to register
  • College Coach
    • Alumni to work with seniors on the college application process